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VTA Results are In!

For the third year in a row, Charlottesville High School participated in the Virginia Theater Association Conference. 

Every year students across the state come together in Reston, Virginia and spend the weekend performing one act productions in competition, participate in a variety of different workshops, audition for college and pre-professional programs, and share in all things theatre and drama. Every year, students come away with a deeper more meaningful understanding of the creative performing arts through not only their own performances, but through viewing other productions from different communities. 

One-Act Play  individual and group awards:

Women and War 

Costume Merit Award — Awarded to student costumers 

Technical Merit Award –Awarded to technical theater program (they loved our set)

All Star Actor Award — Trevor Craft, (Junior)

Overall — Honorable Mention, Best One-Act Play 


Special Conference Activity Awards:

Student Flash Mob: Awarded  1st Place

Technical Theater Olympics: Awarded 3rd Place 


Individual Student Achievements (Design Competition Awards) 

Students were given a play title before the conference in which they had research, and come up with appropriate design based on what they read; students would then have an opportunity to describe their design concept to the panel of judges. Judges were professionals in the theater world 

(Broadway Costume Designer was among them) This year, there were the most design submissions in VTA recent history


Scenic Design:  1st Place, Daniel Neale (Sophomore)

Costume Design: 1st Place Claire LeBlond (Sophomore)


VTA Student Advisory Board of Directors:

provides VTA’s largest membership base (students) a place to communicate with

other students who then provide advice and feedback to the VTA Board of Directors in relation to the annual conference

This year, Sophomore, Daniel Neale was chosen to represent the student board as Vice President! 


Auditions/Scholarships for high school seniors seeking admission to college and university theatre programs.

This year, three of the TheatreCHS students chose to audition for colleges represented at the conference.

These students were, Denise Folley, Kira Jackson, and Nadasia Walker.

Of these three students, ALL THREE were offered acceptance into theatre programs!! Scholarships were offered as well!


It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved! 

Thank you for being the school division that we are! 

We clearly grow and achieve success with fine arts in a division that supports the endeavors we have to challenge and discover! 


Visit for scrapbook photos of this year’s conference.


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