C’ville Players I/II/III Honors

C’ville Players I Syllabus

C’ville Players II/III Honors Syllabus

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This advanced level course is designed to offer the theatre student an in-depth study in theatrical directing, film studies, cinematography, basic and advanced video editing, camerawork, and acting styles for the camera. Through a series of small group and individual projects students learn the techniques used in producing film. C’ville Players students also perform for area schools and retirement homes with an annual holiday show.

Students who take the advanced level of this course will be expected to take on further independent work. The course is designed for students with extensive experience in theatre, promoting significant depth of engagement and lifelong appreciation for theatre through a broad spectrum of primarily self-directed study and performance. Students regularly reflect on aesthetics and issues related to and addressed through theatre, and create within various aspects of theatre in ways that are progressively more innovative. In keeping with the rigor expected in an accelerated setting, students will assemble a portfolio that showcases a significant body of work as well as a representation of how they see themselves in the professional world of theatre.  Students will also demonstrate a mastery of theatre skills and techniques in one or more areas; and evidence of sophisticated oral and written analytical and problem-solving skills based on their structural, historical, and cultural knowledge. These students are self-directed and display readiness for high levels of critical thinking, research, conceptual thinking, and creative risk-taking. As they work, students apply 21st-century skills that will help them be successful after high school graduation, including time management, self-assessment, problem solving, collaboration, and critical analysis.

Projects and Activities

Thespian Society

Dessert Theatre

Improv Club