Intro to Drama




Intro to Drama is the kind of fine arts course that very well will change your life! Developingskills for performance on and off stage contributes to the total human experience.

This class offeres students the opportunity to develop skills in communication, creativity, critical thinking while building self-confidence through the explorations of improvisation, monologue and scene study work– all while being a part of an ensemble of learning. The class will create a fun and safe place to learn and perform through trust and teambuilding activities. Students develop a sense of self-awareness while building confidence.

Intro to Drama is also a fun and immersive exploration of the craft of acting, as it applies to everything from public speaking, telling a good joke, technical theater, to putting on a full-scale production. All students, from beginners to experienced actors, use theatre games, exercises, theatre history, improvisation and the study of monologues and scenes to build fundamental performance skills and to access the emotional core from which they will draw inspiration for in-class performances.

The skills learned in this class will translate to all other areas of a student’s life both personally and academically. Students will learn through the development of trust, communication, presentation and group cooperation skills, in a fully inclusive environment that is safe, fun, and engaging. Students will also learn how to make bold artistic choices while taking risks outside of their comfort zone. Students are encouraged to take this course if they have even a hint of interest for the stage. This is because theater is all around us– how we relate to one another, how we seek employment, it all comes from having a little exposure or a lot depending on your interest!

Students are encouraged to have an open mind and the willingness to try new and exciting activities.  Intro to Drama students will be able to participate in all major theatreCHS productions. This year, we will be participating in the Virginia Theatre Conference and the VHSL One-Act Competition in Fall. Students who complete Intro to Drama will be able to participate in more advanced theater courses such as Technical Theater, C’ville Players, and Musical Theater Ensemble.  In intro to drama, you will develop friendships for life while gaining skills that will prepare you for the real world!