MTE (Musical Theatre Ensemble)



This course explores the styles and periods of musical theatre development, and incorporating ensemble singing and audition materials. Focus will be on healthy musical theatre singing and techniques for success in auditions. Students are given exposure to different styles of singing, dancing, and acting. This ensemble class works towards one completed musical revue performance for presentation at various venues.








A Singer’s Musical Theatre Repertoire

Audition Song Preparation

Singers need to have a range of songs to choose from. In musical theatre, there are certain types of songs that you need to have at least one of in order to be ready for different types of auditions. This list is also useful if you are preparing a series of songs for a recital or other performance and would like to show a range of pieces. By preparing at least one ballad and one uptempo audition song in each of the following categories, you should be ready to perform at most musical theatre auditions on very short notice.

MTE Spring 2014 from david becker on Vimeo.