VTA (Virginia Theatre Association)

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Virginia Theatre Association High School Theatre Festival is a combined body of all theatre and theatre education groups all over the Commonwealth of Virginia, consisting of membership of public and private high schools, universities, and professional theatre organizations. The Department of Education sanctions VTA as their theatre organization for curriculum and consulting. VTA strives for advances in theatre education and performance, working directly with the Department of Education and the Virginia Commission for the Arts. The VTA State Conference and High School Theatre Festival are held once a year in the fall. Students from secondary schools can compete in a variety of competitions to further their craft.

High School seniors may audition for a large number of Virginia and mid-Atlantic university theatre programs, as well as meet with representatives from those schools. Students, in general, can network and make connections that will help them in high school, college, and beyond. Additionally, there will be many workshops and classes that students can take and many performances to see. This year’s conference will be in Norfolk, Virginia. New also this year, students can audition for Virginia based summer theater performance jobs in repertory theatre companies throughout the state. This includes students who excel in technical areas of theatre as well.

Any high school student in good behavioral standing at CHS who loves theatre, music theatre, performance, design, visual art, and arts can attend!  Audition information as well as the announcement of the entire theatre season will be shared with the students after school on August 21 at 4:00 PM. Students may sign up for auditions as early as the first day of school!